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Signs and Signed Books randomly loose text


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      On my Realm, various signs around the world reading such things as “public library” and “Bakery” have begun to have their text disappear when I log in on Friday nights. I replace them, but lo and behold, next week when I hop on, they’re missing. Typically the same signs, but there have been some exceptions. None of the players have been doing this. A similar error occurred when I signed a book titled “Scrabble: The Musical”, and lost a whole page of the play. The page went blank. I know Bedrock can censor text for some reason, (and oddly even censors things that aren’t bad) unlike Java, but this isn’t even happening. It’s not turning things to pound signs, it is completely wiping the text. What a strange issue!

            starkHOUTx Jaiden Torres
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