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Amethyst resonance doesn't work when block of amethyst is placed above or below the sculk sensor


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      The amethyst resonance doesn't work when the block of amethyst is placed above or below the sculk sensor. This limits how the resonance work and not matching Java Edition's behavior.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Place down amethyst blocks with sculk sensors above/below.
      2. Walk around to make vibration from the first sensors.
      3. Pay attention to the resonance.

      Expected Result
      The resonance works when the amethyst is below or above the sculk sensor

      Observed Result
      The resonance doesn't work.

      Bedrock: 2023-04-14 08-28-43.mp4 2023-04-14 08-30-28.mp4
      Java: 2023-04-14 08-29-02.mp4 2023-04-14 08-30-45.mp4

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