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Redstone transmission through custom minecraft:block is inconsistent


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      Us folks over in the Bedrock Addons server are trying to create a custom block that interacts with redstone, with a custom geometry.

      If I make it unit_cube, and I do not define a custom geometry, it works as expected.

      However, upon adding a custom geometry (unit_cube or not), the redstone transmission becomes consistently inconsistent. Upon placing down the block for the first time, the block does not register redstone powering it, or going through it.

      However, upon reloading the world, the block that was placed now all of the sudden transmits redstone just fine.
      (Sidenote: getRedstonePower() also does not register the power. Only on world reload will it do so.)

      Please if we can support redstone transmission with custom block geometries, it'd be a game changer! There are many existing blocks in the game that do not have a full block hitbox, but still work with redstone. I think a way to define how our blocks interact with redstone will be a good solution.

      NB: I have included an addon and video so you can easily see & reproduce the issue in-game!





      To reproduce: (all resources included in the addon above)

      1) Create custom block with custom geometry
      2) Create custom block with unit_cube
      3) Load into world
      4) Notice that custom geo block does not transmit redstone on first place
      5) Notice that unit_cube block does transmit redstone on first place
      6) Reload world
      7) Notice that now custom geo block does transmit redstone

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