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Stone Block Slab Recipe Duplication Content Log Errors and they are NOT Dupes


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      Note: This should be in MCPE - do not know how to move it.

      Brief Summary:

      I have 1176 custom slab combos and their corresponding shapeless recipes.  9 of them are reporting as duplicates.  They all happen to be of the minecraft:stone_block_slab2 or 3 or 4 variety.  I have isolated all of the issues and included them in a mcAddon file attached. 

      All files are named with the formula  blocktype1_dataID1_and_blocktype2_dataID2. 

      For the recipes, inside ingredients match the filename.  Impossible for them to be dups.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      Using one of the errors as an example:

      1. Make one shapeless recipe file with  {"item":"minecraft:stone_block_slab2","data":3},{"item":"minecraft:stone_block_slab4","data":0}
        2.Make another with  {"item":"minecraft:stone_block_slab2","data":0}


      Observed Results:
      Content Log Errors - Attached

      From above example:

      [Recipes][warning]-recipes/dupes/stone_block_slab2_3_and_stone_block_slab4_0.recipe.json | scr:stone_block_slab2_3_and_stone_block_slab4_0 | Recipe "scr:stone_block_slab2_3_and_stone_block_slab4_0" has the same ingredients as slab_combo:stone_block_slab2_0_and_stone_block_slab4_3's recipe but outputs slab_combo:stone_block_slab2_3_and_stone_block_slab4_0 instead. Adding duplicate crafting_table recipe.

      Expected Results:
      no recipe duplication errors because they are not the same.


      1. addon with just the recipes/blocks in question

      2. content log

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