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redstone points to sticky pistons and pistons, whereas on PC redstone forms a dot instead



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    • Affects Version/s: 0.15.7
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      Tablet - iOS - iPad Air 2


      redstone automatically points to sticky pistons and pistons as if the piston was a comparator or a repeater.
      1. place a sticky piston or a normal piston facing up, sideways or down.
      2. place a redstone dust next to the sticky piston/piston. (note: putting the redstone dust on top, under or on the face of the sticky piston will not activate the bug)
      3. in PC, the redstone dust is supposed to form a dot. however, in pocket edition, it forms a line pointing at the piston.

      The reason why I bring this up is because this breaks many redstone
      contraptions, like the downwards flush-with-the-ceiling double extenders. (see double piston extender broken, double piston extender broken 2 and double piston extender broken 3)

      these snapshots were done on a different device than what I normally use, but they also affect the device that I normally use.

      in the attachment "bug 1 snapshot" , the redstone lamp represents pistons and sticky pistons and/or pistons in PC because they have the same properties (as in redstone inputs), and the sticky piston represents... well... a sticky piston/piston in MCPE! you will see that the around the lamp (sticky pistons/pistons in PC) the redstone forms dots around it whereas on MCPE it forms lines pointing to the piston. When powered( top half of the screenshot) the lamp (sticky piston/piston in PC) is NOT POWERED because the redstone does not point to it, but when you place the redstone in the exact same place but with a piston/sticky piston in MCPE instead of the lamp, the piston is POWERED because the redstone points to it automatically.

      in the double piston extender broken snapshots, the double piston extender does not work for multiple reasons:
      (note that the repeater tick delay is set for MCPE and worked before redstone automatically pointed at pistons)

      1. the redstone is pointed at the sticky piston on the very top when it is supposed to power the block under it, powering the second sticky piston instead of the first (double extender broken 2, circled in red)

      2. the redstone is supposed to power the redstone beside it and the block under it, not the second sticky piston. (redstone is circled in blue, sticky piston is indicated by the arrow in green)

      If redstone did not point toward pistons, the tick delay timing and the redstone would all work, but because of this bug, it doesn't.

      There is another picture of pistons in PC and highlighted in
      as you can see in that picture, redstone does not point to pistons in PC.
      please let me know of any further updates about this in the comments.




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