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Game will not open- stuck at 66% on loading screen after update to 1.19.70


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    • 1.19.71
    • 1.19.70
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      Please only comment if you are experiencing this issue in 1.19.71. If your device has not yet updated, you will need to wait until the update is available. For some devices, the "store" has to certify apps before they can be downloaded. This is beyond the control of Mojang / Microsoft. We do not know exactly when that will happen.

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      Since updating my game this afternoon, it has not been able to open. It remains at 66% on the loading screen. I have tried reinstalling, restarting, checked for corrupt data, deleted data off memory card and redownloaded on switch itself, and forced quitting. I even put the game card in another switch in my home and it was able to open with no problem. When I log into my account on his switch it does not work again- always stuck at 66%

      Contacted Nintendo- they decided it was not a console issue. 

      The only other unique thing is that if I leave it to load and then go to home screen- it will say 71% quickly when I reopen the game but then go back to 66%.


      EDIT: This issue is still not resolved. A number of us have not received the update so the issue is not yet resolved.

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