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Campfires not damaging based on mobs’ hitbox


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       Steps to reproduce 

      1. Place a campfire, and next to it a slab or mud.
      2. Spawn a mob on the slab/mud.
      3. Nudge the mob so it hangs over the campfire but stays supported by the mud/slab.

      Expected result

      The mob catches fire and takes fire damage.

      Observed result

      The mob does not catch fire or take any damage.

      In version 1.19.60, players standing between a campfire and incomplete blocks were harmed by a campfire. This is the same sa the JAVA version. However,In Preview1.19.70.23, players standing between campfires and incomplete blocks will not be harmed。

      I may not be able to express it exactly, you can understand it by comparing two videos

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        3. Preview1.19.70.23.mp4
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