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Mouse and Keyboard buttons for Attack/Destroy and Interact/Place behave strangely when a controller is detected


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      For this explanation, I'll assume Right Click is set to Interact/Place and Left Click is set to Attack/Destroy.

      This bug seems to happen in 2 scenarios: Mixed Input Bug From Versions And Up.mp4

      1. When you send an input with a controller, any left click and right click inputs will be ignored. No blocks will be placed or destroyed, even when holding down the button.
      2. When you hold down left or right click and then decide to send controller input, the left/right click function will get locked and you will continue to mine/place blocks even when letting go of left and right click and when you stop sending controller input.
        • Once you are continually placing/destroying blocks, the only ways to stop are to open a menu or press a keyboard and mouse key.

      This bug is kind of inconsistent, but this seems to be the only scenarios where it occurs. It may happen in other situations, but I haven't discovered them yet.

      This bug was introduced in version

      In versions and under, mouse inputs would not care about controller inputs and vice versa and they can be used together seamlessly.

      Mixed Input Working Properly Versions and Under.mp4

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