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Unable to Edit Worlds from the Main Menu


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      On the main menu, when trying to edit a world, I am unable to edit any of them that contain spaces in the world file's name. This normally cannot occur without renaming the world files, and can be fixed by replacing them to not contain spaces.


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Head into the game files (location varies with each device).
      2. Rename a world file (can be any) to contain spaces in it's name.
      3. Open Minecraft and locate the world on the "worlds" tab in the Main Menu.
      4. Attempt to open the "Edit world" screen for this specific world.


      Everything you are unable to do in game because of this bug:

      • Rename worlds
      • Edit multiplayer settings
      • Change resource packs and behavior packs
      • Delete, copy and export worlds
      • Enable Experimental Features and Education Edition


      Link for demonstration: https://youtu.be/XbFZa2rLzXA

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