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Piglins can only spawn at light level 7 or below


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      According to https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/5992865608205-Minecraft-Beta-Preview-1-19-0-30-31, the max spawn light level of piglins has been adjusted to 11. However, with the spawn light changes of some nether mobs, piglins can only spawn from light level 0 to 7 instead of 0 to 11 in the latest beta/preview version, which may be a wrong change clearly.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Download, import, and open the attached world in v1.19.60.24 or later version
      2. Hold the light block to see light level
      3. Wait for few minutes

      Observed Results:
      Piglins only spawn at light level 7 and never spawn at 8.

      Expected Results:
      Piglins should spawn at both light level 7 and 8.

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