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Horses, donkeys and mules can walk up blocks with carpets


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      Updated fromĀ EVGENSYPERPRO
      Horses, donkeys and mules after updating 1.19.50 can automatically walk up 1 block without a player, without the need to jump (until 1.19.50 they could automatically walk up one blocks only with the player). Since the carpet has a hitbox, horse, donkeys and mules should not walk up block with a carpet. It also creates parity with Java, and also breaks all the corrals with carpets built before 1.19.50.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place any block 1 block high.
      2. Place the carpet on block.
      3. Summon the horse, donkey or mule.
      4. Push a mob through a block or saddle and try to ride up a block without jumps.

      Observed results:
      Horses, donkeys and mules can walk up blocks with carpets.

      Expected results:
      Horses, donkeys and mules can not walk up blocks with carpets (since the height of the obstacle is more than 1 block).

      Original description:

      Fenced in horses can now escape by jumping onto carpets when the carpet is placed on the fance. To reproduce:

      • put a horse in a fenced in area
      • place a carpet on top of the fence
      • nudge the horse onto the carpet

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