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Wardens do not navigate through Sweetberry Bushes as they do in Java Edition


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      Java Edition Wardens will happily walk through Sweetberry bushes and Wither Roses, whereas on Bedrock Edition they refuse to path through those objects. Also, it does not matter if the Sweetberry bush is immature and causes no harm - the Warden on Bedrock will also not walk over it.


      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Generate a flat world on both Minecraft editions and set up near a slime chunk.
      • Place a 5x5 Sweetberry bush and Wither Rose circle (with a 3x3 air space in the middle) on the ground.
      • Optionally, bone meal the Sweetberry bushes to maturity.
      • Spawn egg the Warden in each circle, and wait for the slimes to come into range.

      Expected Results:

      On Java, each Warden will leave their respective circles to go after any nearby mobs. (See attached JavaWarden.mp4.)

      Observed Results:

      On Bedrock, the Wardens will remain trapped in their respective circles and will be forced to use their Sonic attack, if possible. (See attached BedrockWarden.mp4.)

      Additional Note:

      I did not include cacti because with cacti the Java Warden will attempt to walk through it but cannot climb over it and will continually hurt itself for no reason. On Bedrock, as with the Sweetberry and Wither Rose it simply avoids it. Since Warden's cannot climb over cacti, Bedrock's behavior appears to be the correct one in that situation.

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