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"minecraft:boostable" component has no effect on speed


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      The "speed_multiplier" attribute of the component "minecraft:boostable" has seemingly no effect on what the sprint speed is when boosted. It's like the value is being overwritten internally.


      Repro Steps:

      1) In the pig entity, search for 'minecraft:boostable'.

      2) Change the value to 10.0 for "speed_multiplier"

      3) In game, summon, saddle, and ride the pig. Holding the 'carrot on a stick', use it while riding to boost the pig.

      4) Compare the sprint speed of the pig now, vs when it had the "speed_multiplier" of 2.0.

      Expected: Pig sprints at 10x walking speed, per "speed_multiplier" adjustment.

      Actual: Pig still sprints at 2x walking speed.

      Duplicate of MCPE-48129, which was unresolved at the time.

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