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Crafting/Smelting Multiple Items incorrectly gives entire stack in Touch UI with multiple taps.



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      It looks like there may have been some intentional changes in v1.19.40 to the mechanics for crafting or smelting multiple items, but there do seem to be some regressions in there. For example, it may be intentional (albeit extremely undesirable) that tapping the output stack in the furnace, instead of selecting/deselecting the stack (setting up for a possible tap on a destination inventory slot), just immediately spools out items to the next available inventory slot. Sure, I hate this change, but by itself it's not a defect. But there seems to be collateral damage to other crafting mechanics:

      Twice in a row now when taking a stack of wood and trying to craft a small number of planks, a couple of taps actually gave me an entire stack of planks, which is only expected if I tap and hold.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place a full stack of wood on the crafting grid (in my case oak).
      2. Tap the output slot three to four times in rapid succession.

      Expected outcome:

      • 12 to 16 planks should be added to the inventory

      Actual outcome:

      • On or around the third tap, an entire stack of 64 planks is added to the inventory.


      My request: Please restore the expected crafting mechanics where a tap always crafts once and crafting a stack requires tap-and-hold.






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