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Xbox: Mouse cursor changes location in inventory between uses


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    • Preview, 1.19.50
    • 1.19.31 Hotfix, 1.19.40
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      The recent update introduced two new bugs with keyboard and mouse that really need to be fixed. Before the last update your mouse cursor would not move in your inventory while you weren't in it but since the last update your mouse cursor changes locations in your inventory/chest even when you're not in it, simply by looking around in your game. wherever you look that's where your cursor goes even when you go back into your inventory. That's bad because when you're looting chest or sorting inventory your mouse cursor is usually center of your screen which is where it's supposed to be, it makes looting/sorting inventory faster, but since the last update your mouse is always off screen when you go back into your inventory. This makes looting and sorting inventory a lot slower and is game breaking for kbm players who pvp with kbm on xbox. Another bug they added is the way you type in chat with a keyboard. When you used to open chat you could instantly type and it would work, then you would press "enter" to send your message. But since the update you have to type with controller or the xbox on-screen keyboard. Please fix the new mouse cursor it was fine before this last update and also please fix it so we can actually type on with a keyboard on xbox. Thank you.

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