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'/execute facing' and '/execute rotated' does not work correctly without an executor


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      The bug

      When using /execute facing or /execute rotated without an executor defined in the command (for example when running a command from a command block) the rotation change is not applied.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a new world with the Upcoming Creator Features experimental toggle enabled.
      • Place down a repeating command block and insert this command:
        /execute rotated 90 0 run particle minecraft:basic_flame_particle ^ ^ ^1

      It still acts as if the y-rotation were set to 0, emitting the particle southward.

      • Insert an /execute as into the command like so:
        /execute as @p rotated 90 0 run particle minecraft:basic_flame_particle ^ ^ ^1

      The rotation is now applied and the particle emits westward, despite the rotation conditions having not changed.

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