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Jurassic park dlc crashing


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    • 1.19.22 Hotfix, 1.19.30
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      The Jurassic world Minecraft dlc keeps crashing on our switch. We go into the game and it works for a few seconds before freezing for a second and then the game closes. A Nintendo error message then comes up saying “the software was closed because an error occurred” please see screenshots attached
      I purchased the dlc on my childrens Nintendo account but it’s billed to my account as I’m the parent. I brought the coins through the Nintendo store and then purchased the doc from that. At the same time we got the frozen dlc, this works absolutely fine. It’s just Jurassic park which isn’t working. We played the Jurassic world dlc twice last week with no problems. We noticed the problem yesterday when it kept happening. We deleted that save game in case it was the game but even with fresh game it does the same. 

      my switch is up to date, I think the game is up to date as I got notification as to what’s new. We’ve checked and there’s no corrupted data.

      we’ve also noticed we’re having problems accessing the marketplace on my kids accounts. It constantly keeps signing them out, so I have to sign back in but it doesn’t stay logged in and I’m constantly going round in circles. The content I’ve purchased on there has a padlocked symbol against it. But I don’t think it’s the reason why Jurassic park crashes as it happened when we were signed in. 

      I’ve checked and I don’t think there are any open bug posts about Jurassic park dlc crashing 


      please help 

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