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Ghast fireballs sometimes fail to break blocks that they should break on a direct hit


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      Ghast fireballs should break blocks on each collision/explosion; now, they don't.

      In attached video, you can see that first fireball fails to break wood, but next fireball breaks it. Seems to happen every other fireball.

      To reproduce, in the attached world, simply place a few wood blocks under the floating chiseled stone brick, and see that sometimes the fireballs don't break anything even though they successfully collide and explode.

      If you need to aggro the ghast, just flip the lever between the snowman and the zombie.

      EDIT: Apparently certain alignments (not just vertical) can cause the fireballs to not break blocks at all (in current release version). See the Ghast_Blaster_Test_-_horizontal world. Note that this world has a lever for blocking the ghast's view of the snow golem, so it make sure to block the view before logging out to turn the blaster off.

      EDIT 2: In today's preview (, the horizontal fireball breaks blocks every other fireball, but they should be breaking on every collision.

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