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Ui / Menu shrinks when switch is put back into the docking station


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    • Preview, 1.21.0
    • 1.19.11 Hotfix, 1.19.63, 1.20.10, 1.20.12 Hotfix, 1.20.15 Hotfix, 1.20.30, 1.20.31 Hotfix, 1.20.41 Hotfix, 1.20.51 Hotfix, 1.20.81 Hotfix
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      Steps to Reproduce:

      -Be in the game (it doesn't matter if you're in the home menu or in a world etc.) 

      -Pull the switch out of docking station. 

      -Put it back in


      Observed Results:

      -All ui's and menus shrink to the -1 scale. 


      Expected Results:

      -The ui's and menus should stay the normal size and the slider in the options should work. 



      -This bug has been occurring for well over a year.

      -The only way to fix this is to restart minecraft.

      -When the switch is out of the docking station, you can change the gui size.

      -When the bug is already occuring and you pull it out of the docking station, The gui scale is normal and you can change the sizes. So this bug only occurs in the docking station.

      -This bug can make it quit hard to see some things. E.g: When you want to get an item from tze creative menu etc.

      -The pictures I attached are scrambled. There's always a non bugged picture and a bugged picture. 

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