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Lights are displaced from their source in RTX


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    • 1.19.71
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      Lanterns (of both soul and normal variant) now distribute randomly placed point lights in the surrounding area of their location. This results in the game appearing to emit light from no visible light source in those positions.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Enter any world with Ray Tracing on
        (You can use this pack to test the issue)
      2. Enter any area of the world where lanterns have been placed. An Ancient City is a good example of this.

      Observed Results:

      Random positions around the lanterns will have a point light placed, making it appear as though light is coming from nothing in those locations.

      Expected Results:

      Lantern's point lights should only be positioned in the proper place on the block, similar to how they functioned in previous versions of the game. Light should not emit in places where there are no light sources unless a Light Block is placed there.

      Bug Analysis:
      Here you can see how row of lanterns cast a point light every other block in positive direction equal to double the chunk relative X coordinate of each lantern.

      Here is a bigger view. The upper left chunk is casting point lights all over the 3 neighboring chunks, with each point light being offset by double the relative coordinates of each lantern.

      With this information it's likely that this bug is caused by a simple logic error where the point light's location offset from the origin of each chunk a lantern/end rod is in is accidentally doubled.

        1. end rod point light offset.png
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