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Several emissive blocks have incorrect point lights with Ray Tracing


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      Many blocks that have an emissive value without Ray Tracing will all have a white fully emissive point light placed in the bottom corner of the block space they occupy when Ray Tracing is on. This destroys the visuals that were previously designed by PBR resource pack creators and ruins the aspect of coloured lighting that would previously be visible from the block's PBR textures.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Enter any world with Ray Tracing on
        (You can use this pack to test the issue)
      2. Place or find Glow Lichen, Lava, a Beacon, an Enchantment Table, any lit Candle, or another potential emissive block

      Observed Results:

      In versions of the game after Preview, these blocks will now have a white, fully emissive point light placed at the bottom corner of the block space they occupy.

      Expected Results:

      The block should exhibit the same visuals it did in previous versions of the game, having no point light in any place where there wasn't previously. 

      Ideally if these blocks are to be given point lights at any point, it is imperative that every single aspect of them be entirely controlled by resource pack/addon creators the moment it is introduced, including their relative position, colour and brightness. Forcing them to use point lights of a predetermined position and look would just result in barring creativity, as well as ruining the visuals of RTX resource packs created before their introduction.

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