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Ravager bite attack has significantly distinct timing to java edition, making it trivial to dodge


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      When a ravager bites, it slows to a stop, launches its head forward and shuts its jaw. Roughly when it closes its jaw is when the damage is actually given to its target. This differs greatly from java edition, in which the attack damages the target immediately after beginning its attack animation. Due to this bug, simply walking away from an attacking ravager will nearly always guarantee safety, since the stopping at the start of the attack gives ample time to escape the attack range of the ravager before it actually bites and delivers damage. I also believe this is a separate issue fromĀ MCPE-60680, since that concerns their reach rather than the timing at which damage is given

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Find a ravager in survival mode by any means
      2. Allow it to chase you until it gets close enough to bite, at which point continue walking away from it

      Expected result: The ravager should deal damage to you immediately after it bites

      Actual result: The bite is way too easy to avoid because of the damage timing not matching java, and will not hit the player consistently in this scenario

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