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"Leave boat" button disappears while falling


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    • 1.19.70
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      When I row a boat off a cliff, the "leave boat" button disappears for the duration of the fall.

      The button does disappear when falling but you can still tap where the button was. It just seems to be a visual glitch with the button not showing.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Use the "D-Pad & tap to interact" layout

      2. Hop into a boat

      3. Row off a cliff

      Observed Results:

      The "leave boat" button will disappear while you are falling but will reappear when you reach the ground.

      Expected Results:

      The "leave boat" button will remain on screen while you're falling.


      After the new touch control modes were added this was fixed for the "Joystick & tap to interact" layout and the "Joystick & aim crosshair" layout. This is still an issue with the "D-Pad & tap to interact" layout with the same visual glitch.

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