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Allays differentiate between durability on armor and only pick up armor with the same durability.


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Summon an allay and give it any peice of armor.
      2. Drop the same piece of armor, but with a different durability level.

      Observed Results:
      Allay does not pick up the armor peice that has a different durability level than the armor peice given to the allay. 

      Expected Results:
      They allay should pick up the armor regardless of durability value. 

      Please note that this bug only effects armor and that tools and weapons do not have this problem.

      Video Demonstration: https://clipchamp.com/watch/5lJaFsdG1ok

      In the video I show how it is supposed to work using bows with different durability levels and then I show how the allay will only pick up armor with the same durability level. I only tested it with a leather cap in the video, but I have tested all other armor pieces and types and they all have the same issue. I also tested it with other tools and weapons and they all worked as intended. Gamemode does not effect.

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