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Leads in unloaded chunks break upon re-entering chunk


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      Update from GoldenHelmet: Leads break whenever the leash knot and the mob that is leashed to it are in separate chunks, and the chunk where the mob is located gets loaded first. This can happen immediately when opening the world or loading into one dimension from another, or when travelling toward a leashed mob for the first time after loading the world or the dimension.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Open Lead break on load.mcworld .
      2. Spawn a pig on the gold block and quickly leash it to the fence post on the other side of the wall. The wall ensures that the leash knot and mob remain in separate chunks for the test.
      3. Travel to the lapis block at X = 72.
      4. Save & quit, then reopen the world.
      5. Travel back to the pig.

      Expected result

      The pig is still leashed.

      Observed result

      The pig is not leashed. The lead has dropped as an item and the leash knot is still on the fence post.

      This happened in older versions in MCPE as well. Leaving a chunk containing an animal on a lead tied to a fence post and returning results in the lead breaking and animal wanders free. Often, I can witness the animals and mobs "bouncing/ teleporting"  from one spot to another when entering the chunk whether they're on a lead or not. 

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