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Powering or unpowering a repeater or comparator in flowing water briefly blocks the water flow


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      Repeaters and comparators can be waterlogged with flowing water (MCPE-39370). This behavior is useful for running redstone power across water streams, among other things. However, they now briefly block water flow when they turn on or off. This behavior started some time after 1.18.2.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Make a water stream by placing a water source block at one end of a 1-wide channel of blocks.
      2. Place a repeater and a comparator facing across the water stream with at least one block of water between them and solid blocks behind them.
      3. Power the solid blocks behind the repeater and comparator on and off.

      Expected results

      Repeaters and comparators updating their redstone state does not affect their interaction with water.

      Observed results

      Whevenver the repeater or comparator changes redstone power status it briefly blocks the water flow.


      • This disrupts the flow of entities in streams. It noticed this because I started getting massive build-ups of xp orbs in my mob farm when I was testing for changes in 1.19. I know this behavior started some time after 1.18.2 because the farm ran without issue then.
      • This also creates needless block updates, and pending ticks for the water to recalculate its flow.

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