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'/execute (if|unless) score' cannot compare scores that are not set


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      The bug

      With the new /execute command syntax, the sub-commands if score and unless score should be able to compare scores to players that don't have their scores set. This does not work, however; an error is returned about how there is no tracked player on the scoreboard, which does not line up with behavior in Java Edition.

      In Java Edition, /execute (if|unless) score can compare scores that aren't set and is often used for initializing scores. Comparing an undefined score to a value always returns false.

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Create a new scoreboard objective and set some score on it. I'll be using a fake player named "one".
        /scoreboard objectives add foo dummy
        /scoreboard players set one foo 1
      • Compare your currently undefined score to the "one" score.
        /execute if score @s foo = one foo

      "There is no tracked player '<player>' on the scoreboard; Execute subcommand if score test failed."

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