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Sculk sensors don't detect most game events post-Java 1.19 Pre-release 1



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      Sculk sensors don't detect game events post-Java 1.19 Pre-release 1, as follows:

      • Harvesting sweet berry bushes
      • Using honeycomb to wax copper blocks
      • Removing wax and oxidation from copper using axe
      • Stripping logs/woods
      • Pathing grass/dirt/podzol/mycelium to make dirt path
      • Placing foods on campfires
      • Using bone meal
      • Placing glowstone into respawn anchors
      • Inserting or taking music discs out from jukeboxes
      • Players/entities trampling farmlands
      • Throwing eyes of ender (have to be done in infinite world as flat world do not generate strongholds at all)
      • Using dyes on sheep
      • Harvesting glow berries from cave vines
      • Changing daylight sensors mode
      • Attaching or removing leads from entities
      • Attaching or removing leads from fences
      • Closing chest minecarts or chest boats
      • Item frame interactions (putting it in, rotating, putting it out)

      How to Reproduce

      1. Do the game events mentioned with the sculk sensors next to it.
      2. Check as to whether or not sculk sensors detects it.

      Observed Result
      Sculk sensors don't detect it

      Expected Result
      Sculk sensors should detect it.

      Notes: I have world attached for people to test the vibration down below


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