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CPU usage inexplicably drops to near-zero at random times



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      At random times while playing Minecraft for Windows 10, the game's CPU usage will instantly tank to almost nothing, causing the game to freeze. After some time, a Minecraft loading screen appears, then the world is reloaded (I can provide a video if necessary).

      I used Windows Performance Recorder to record CPU usage, then played until a freeze occurred. Attached is the image of the CPU usage graph in Windows Performance Analyzer. As you can see, the CPU usage is relatively steady, up until the freeze at the 350 timeline mark, when the usage instantly drops to 2-3%. It stays in this "valley" for around 10 seconds, then jumps back to normal. During this time, no other processes are displaying any significant CPU usage.

      These freezes happen with irregular frequency, sometimes occurring every couple of minutes and other times spanning more than ten minutes between freezes. It occurs in both single player and multiplayer, with nothing specific in the game seeming to cause it (though, I have noticed that it seems to happen more often when I'm typing in chat or when my character is underwater — just my luck!). The issue has led to, at best, mild annoyance and, at worst, a couple of deaths where the freeze happened while fighting a monster or swimming underwater. I'd be happy to run any tests or provide any more necessary information. Thanks.




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