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Underground Light Sources Create Sky Light When Any Nearby Block is Placed or Destroyed


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      Note from GoldenHelmet

      The observed result is actually that the game begins to treat the location of the block light source (e.g. the spot the torch is in) as if it is a sky light source, even after you break the block light source. During daytime the location becomes brighter than a torch, and if you break the block light source at night you will see a low light level where there should be no light at all.

      While building a mob spawner farm, I used tinted glass or sold blocks to darken the area. However, when I flicker the Redstone lamp and updated some blocks, the light source renders "overworld" lighting, making the cave too bright.

      How to Reproduce

      1. Locate a cave or another source of darkness.
      2. Place any block that supports light. For example, place several torches.
      3. Break or place several blocks near torches.
      4. Destroy all torches.

      Observed Results

      When updating blocks, light sources nearby will render the area as if the user is standing on the surface. This means that it will increase the light levels much brighter than a torch or a glowstone.

      Expected Results

      Updating the blocks near a light source should not render the area as "overworld" surface light.

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