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Goat doesn't drop their horn when hitting into mangrove logs


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      The goat can drop goat horn, however, they can't if they hit mangrove log, despite it being an overworld log that the goat can remove their horn off.

      How to Reproduce

      1. Create a new world with Vanilla Experiments on
      2. Build a small mangrove log wall
      3. Spawn a goat in front of you ahead of the wall
      4. Type this commands to change it to a screaming goat
        /event entity @e[type=goat] minecraft:born_screamer
      5. Switch to survival mode
      6. Try to get the goat to hit the log with yourself

      Observed Result
      The goat doesn't drop their horn after hitting the mangrove log

      Expected Result
      The goat should drop their horn.

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