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Anvil renames Items involuntary on Realm and servers


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    • Preview, 1.19.50
    • 1.18.30, 1.18.31, 1.19.2 Hotfix, 1.19.10
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      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Take an armour piece and place it in the first anvil slot
      2. Place a compatible enchantment book in the second slot
      3. DO NOT touch the text field
      4. Retrive the, now enchanted, armour from the third slot

      Expected Behaviour:
      Retrieved Item shows name as if it were freshly crafted ("Diamond Shoes") and doesn't display name when placed in an item frame

      Seen Behaviour:
      Retrieved Item shows same in cursive ("Diamond Shoes") as well as displays it when placed in an item frame

      Possible Factors:

      • Diffrent language other than english
      • Realm

      Varies - Occurs on realms and servers, but not in local worlds.

      Original Wall of text:

      "When I take any enchantet item, for example, a Diamond Helmet and enchant or repair it with an anvil without changing or deleting the name the item still gets renamed. This results in a Diamond Helmet with the name in cursive as well as behaving like a manually named item in an item frame (showing a name in the air).

      From my testing I found out that it's not always the case, which makes it even more annoying when it actually does. It may be caused by playing with a diffrent language, I play in german. Sometimes the item only gets renamed after you take it out the slot, again even more annoying and inconsistent, which is why I wasn't able to take screenshots. I mostly play on a realm, so I'm not sure if it's realm specific"

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