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Wardens can target non-mob entities like projectiles, experience orbs, etc.


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      Wardens can target experience orbs when the orbs bump into the warden or move too much.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Spawn a warden
      2. Have it interact with an experience orb by touching it(any source of orbs seems to work) (due to desync, this may be difficult)

      Expected Results:

      • Warden ignores the orbs

      Actual results:

      • Warden attempts to attack the orbs, looking silly while at it.


      • Due to the orbs between the client and server being desynced, the warden appears to be chasing nothing, but the chime of collecting experience and the warden suddenly stopping shows that it was the orb the warden was targeting.
      • Video https://youtu.be/QHdadiZzfwU

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