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Nintendo Switch: Marketplace/Skins Don't Work


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    • 1.18.31
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      EDIT: The issue has been resolved for me, please check the comments. It seems deleting the game data, reinstalling, logging out and BACK IN to your microsoft account fixed my skins AND marketplace problems!

      This issue was happening before the most recent update, but now it's all but ruined my desire to play.

      My marketplace has NEVER loaded fully, ever since I got my Switch and this game. I was able to purchase skins but could never see them until I went to create a character with them, or I could see previews of the skins but not the details.

      The day before version 1.18.30 was released, I was no longer able to use my skins, only the character creator. It would not allow me to equip a skin and would frequently open the side bar where you create characters every time I went to select something, a feature that I don't remember seeing before and do not see now after the update.

      Speaking of, today after installing the update, things have gotten worse. Marketplace does not open at all (selecting and hitting A on marketplace from the main screen does nothing), and I cannot even edit the character I was forced to create when my skins stopped working. Both the Edit Character and Create Character buttons are grayed out completely. Screenshots for all three events are attached.

      I do not get error messages, things just cease to work and it's preventing me from playing. PLEASE HELP!

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