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Warden doesn't detect some of the vibration that sculk sensor does


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      The Warden, despite having tendrils on its head like a sculk sensor, doesn't detect all vibrations that sculk sensor does. The following vibrations are as follows:

      • Explosions (such as TNT)
      • Piston extends and retracts
      • Flying mobs (such as bats and bees)
      • Tripwire sets, activated and detached
      • Placing water/lava/powder snow into the cauldron
      • Dispenser activating successfully and fails to dispense

      How to Reproduce

      1. Spawn a warden with nametags (so it doesn't despawn)
      2. Test some of the vibrations I listed (must be tested in survival for reliable result)

      Observed Result
      The warden didn't detect the vibration

      Expected Result
      The warden detects the vibration

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