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Commands called by players limited to simulation distance


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      Please be aware that commands must be executed within the simulation distance of the world. Also, please be aware that Realms currently have a simulation distance of 4.

      If you have any suggestions/requests for commands to work outside of these limits, please voice them on the Feedback website.

      In the latest beta versions, the commands that the player writes in the chat depend on the simulation distance. If the execution of a command (for example, block placement) is outside the set simulation distance, it will not be executed. In previous versions (including 1.18.12) and java versions, the commands sent in the chat (by the player) depend only on the render distance, and not on the simulation distance.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Set render distance to 15 or more chunks.
      2. Set simulation distance to 4 chunks (default).
      3. Write a command to place a block / summon a mob or something else with coordinates.
      4. Move away from the place where the command will be executed by 80 or a little more blocks.
      5. Send a previously written command to the chat for execution.

      Observed results:
      The command fails and you get an error "cannot place blocks outside the world" in the chat. Because the execution of the command is outside the Simulation Distance.

      Expected results:
      The command will complete successfully. Because the commands sent by the player will not depend on the Simulation Distance.

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