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Breaking an activated sculk shrieker stops the Warden from spawning


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      When you break an activated sculk shrieker that can spawn the Warden (assuming you're on a third attempt at summoning it), it will stop the Warden from spawning. This will avoid players from getting to summon the Warden by just simply breaking an activated sculk shrieker.

      How to Reproduce

      1. Place a summonable sculk shrieker with this command
        /setblock ~ ~ ~ sculk_shrieker ["can_summon": true]
      2. Try to activate the sculk shrieker three times to summon the warden
      3. Kill the Warden by using /kill @e
      4. Try to activate the shrieker again but by breaking it while it is activated

      Observed Result
      The Warden isn't summoned when you break the sculk shrieker

      Expected Result
      The Warden should still be summoned regardless.

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