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Sun's Ray Traced Point of Emission no longer changes position according to time of day


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      When loading any world with Ray Tracing, the Sun's point of emission no longer changes position with the time of day, instead only being stationary in its initial position upon initial world load. Once the world is reloaded, the point of emission will stay the same even despite changing time of day in between loads or even when toggling Ray Tracing. This results in players having no real way to tell the proper time of day in the lighting outside of turning Ray Tracing off and playing exclusively with it turned off.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Enter a world with Ray Tracing on
      2. Set the time to a different time, or wait till the sun moves

      Observed Results:

      Despite the Sun's texture moving accordingly and as intended, its point of emission will always stay in the same place it initially loaded in, even after world reload.

      Expected Results:

      The Sun's point of emission should match the Sun's texture location, just as it was in previous versions of the game.


      I have video footage of the bug uploaded here: https://youtu.be/m674kIPvgpk

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