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Projectile offset does not rotate with player orientation


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      Currently if the player has an item that shoots a projectile entity, it won't shoot/spawn directly in front of the player. Instead, it will use the world position as anchor. That means that it won't rotate with the player and summon on the right or left side when face the x anchor. The same happens to normal projectiles, it's just really subtle so you probably wont notice it much, but for custom projectiles, this is a major issue since there's no fix for it. Please fix this!

      Example offset is [-1,2,0] (basicaly the offset here is fixed, but without offset it will act as if the offset would not be fixed)

      Observed Behavior
      Offset is always toward the West (negative X)

      Expected Behavior
      Offset is to the Right (in first-person view)

      facing north:

      facing west:

      facing south (how it should be everywhere):

      facing ast:

      Here's an test pack with the offset 4,0,0:[^StarWars[BP.zip][^StarWars[RP.zip]


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