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Certain content in the Marketplace shows an "Update" button instead of a "Create this World" button, and pressing the button doesn't work


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      This report is being used to gather all reports of stuck Marketplace updates. A "stuck update" situation is indicated if the Marketplace page for your title has an Update button near the upper right corner that never goes away. Clicking the button appears to download the title but nothing gets updated and the button doesn't change names as it is supposed to.

      • If the Marketplace page for your title has a download progress bar near the upper right corner, this is not the report for you. Please see MCPE-177765 if you're on a Nintendo Switch or MCPE-177684 if you're on a different platform.

      If you have a stuck Marketplace update, we need you to add a comment with the exact title and creator name for the content you're trying to download, and the platform you're using. This includes players who submitted separate reports which were closed as duplicates of this report.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. In Minecraft (Bedrock), download a world template. (Tested with Wildlife: Arctic by Pixelheads, available via RealmsPlus).
      2. Notice that the Download button changes to Update instead of Create this World.
      3. Click the Update button. Notice that the dialog tells you it's going to download the update, but that doesn't happen.
      4. Return to the main menu. Click Play, then Create New. Notice that the world does not appear in the list of world templates you can use.

      Expected results:
      After downloading the world template, its Marketplace page button should read Create this World. You should also be able to create a world from the template on the Create New World screen.

      Observed results:
      The template's Marketplace page button reads Update and the template is treated as downlevel. You cannot use it or update it.

      Additional technical information:
      On Windows, the template pack can be found in %LocalAppData% under LocalState\premium_cache\world_templates and (what I presume is) the current catalog information can be found in LocalCache\minecraftpe\DownloadTemp\update_history.json. For the tested Wildlife: Arctic template, the downloaded template's manifest.json file defines it as version 1.0.6 while the update_history.json file says it should be version 1.0.8. This presumably causes the Marketplace button to be rendered with the Update label and disqualifies the downloaded template from being used.

      Original description:
      So I've had the Superheroes map for a while and I recently noticed it had an update (Which I assume fixed the bugged boss fight) However I can't even confirm my suspicions as the game will not let me update it ON ANY PLATFORM. I tried both my PC and my phone to no avail. When I try to update it, it shows a pop up says that I will need to download the map to my device. When I select download it closes that pop up and nothing happens. Occasionally It will look like it downloads but when it gets back to the Maps details, it still says it needs to update.

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