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Warden emits mysterious red/orange square effect when spawned


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      I decided to test what happens when you summon or spawn multiple Warden at once to see how cool it looked.

      Expected Behavior

      Warden will be all around doing their own thing and being completely themselves and follows the changelogs that states what they do,

      Observed Behavior

      When summoning a bunch of Wardens, while swimming in water. They sometimes glitch to show a mysterious Red square that looks at the player like how barrier blocks behave. They are very hard to get but isn’t impossible and is identified has a bug.

      Steps to reproduce

      Create a world in the latest preview. (

      Go to an ocean or sea or a river, or any place that is filled with tons of water.

      Summon or spawn tons of Warden around randomly.

      Observe and look around the tons of Warden swimming in the Water and find the mysterious Red square appearing very quickly around the Wardens.

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