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Gravity blocks don't fall when placed on replaceable blocks


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      Gravity blocks don't fall when placed on replaceable blocks.
      For example, if you need to put sand on the grass, for this you will need to place 2 blocks next to each other and place a block with gravity above the grass, aiming at one (upper) of the placed blocks. This is also described and fixed with the snow layer in MCPE-151407.
      All blocks that can break when blocks with gravity fall on them are affected (except snow, starting from the version Preview, Beta).

      Affected Blocks:

      • grass
      • tall grass
      • fern
      • large fern
      • sea grass
      • tall seagrass
      • vine
      • glow lichen
      • warped roots
      • crimson roots
      • nether sprouts
      • dead bush
      • structure void

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place any block that can break when a gravity block falls on it or that can be replaced with another block (eg Dead Bush).
      2. Place 2 blocks side by side (if you used for example Tall Grass place 3 blocks).
      3. Aiming on the topmost placed block, place above the replaceable block, the block that has gravity.

      Observed results:
      The block did not fall.

      Expected results:
      The block should fall and break the block underneath it (as in the java version and as with the snow layer from version

      Java Minecraft 1.18.2 - 2022-03-07 23-05-56.mp4
      Bedrock Minecraft Preview 2022-03-07 23-04-54.mp4

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