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Raid bar becomes stuck after breaking or sleeping in the beds or killing the villagers to cancel the raid.


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    • Preview, 1.19.30
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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a new world.
      2. /summon minecart (boat also works)
      3. /summon villager
      4. Make sure the villager gets pulled into the boat or minecart.
      5. (optional) break the boat or minecart
      6. /setblock ~~~ bed
      7. /effect @s bad_omen
      8. Break the bed or sleep in the bed.

      Expected result

      The raid bar goes away when you break the bed or sleep in it, because the village gets destroyed when its only bed is unlinked.

      Observed result

      The raid bar pauses and never goes away. It does not go away even if you kill the villager and destroy everything afterward. The village data does not get deleted if the unlinking villager has ever ridden in a boat or minecart, even if it is not riding at the time the village is created or destroyed, and even if you have relogged since it last had a ride. (You can view the residual village data showing 0 dwellers, raid boundaries, and raid progress, with tools like UME.)

      A raid started.  I broke the nearby beds to cancel the raid.  I've launched other raids, both successful and failed to see if it would clear it.  I even set the world to peaceful but the raid bar remains....

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