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(Parity) No Saturation Healing in New Food Mechanics (Preview


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      With MCPE-56031 being updated in, MCPE-34333 is still noticeable.  34333 was flagged as invalid because the hunger/regen system was not setup.  It seems inconsistent to fix 56031 without also fixing 34333.

      Steps to reproduce:  Open a creative test world, and give yourself a stack of golden carrots and 2 splash potions of poison II.  Switch to survival.  Douse yourself with both splash potions of poison until at half a heart and you have 1 1/2 shanks of hunger to consume, then consume the golden carrots.  When available, consume a second as soon as you are able to.  In Java 1.18.1 this will only take 27 seconds to regen to full health, while on it will take well over 90 seconds, despite being able to run and jump with Java 1.18.1 hunger.  As such if you are in combat with enemies in caves and have to run and jump away from them while under danger, your hunger dips very quickly because most of the "saturation" goes away due to repairing the damage over the long 90 second duration.

            Markozeta Zeta Lessmueller
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