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Parrot does not rotate with player movement when on shoulder


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      When a parrot is on a player’s shoulder, it does not rotate with the player. Rather, it simply stays facing the same direction all the time. 

      To reproduce:

      1. Spawn or find a parrot
      2. Tame parrot
      3. Walk over parrot until it is on the player’s shoulder
      4. Simply open your inventory to see the player and the parrot that does not rotate with the player’s rotation. Close the inventory turn and re-open your inventory to see that the parrot indeed does not turn properly.

      Observed result:

      Parrot does not turn/ rotate to the direction the player is facing, rather looking elsewhere. It does not rotate at all.


      Expected result:

      Parrot turns/ rotates according to the player’s rotation and is always facing the same direction as the player.

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