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Fireworks after a Pillager Raid kills the villagers


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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Build a glass cage
      2. Inside the cage, place a bed and spawn some villagers
      3. Start a raid and complete it
      4. Observe the villagers

      Observed Results:
      The villagers are damaged by their fireworks and eventually die.

      Expected Results:
      Villagers should not launch fireworks when a ceiling is above them.

      Original Description:
      After sucessfully completing a Pillager Raid, the fireworks display kills the villagers.

      We have a village enclosed by glass used for an iron farm. The village is elevated 8 blocks.

      After completing a Pillager Raid, fireworks appear inside and above the village. The villagers are killed by the sparks.

      This is a repeatable event. We have done 3 raids and lost the villagers each time. On the last attempt, 1 person stayed inside with the villagers while the other person completed the raid. The person inside with the villagers observed the fireworks killing the villagers.

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