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D-pad buttons get stuck until released


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      Update by LateLag
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Press any button on the d-pad;
      2. Move your finger to press other buttons on the d-pad.

      Observed Results:
      All buttons stay pressed, as long as you don't remove your finger.

      Expected Results:
      Only the currently pressed buttons are active.


      Original Description:

      I have swapped jumping and sneaking, and when I'm trying to sprint while I jump, it only lets me jump while sprinting the first time, but when I try again the jumping botton gets stuck and I can't jump while I run and it's really annoying because running and jumping are essential.

      Also, this makes flying with the elytra incredibly hard, and makes walking in general really really wacky, is really annoying to play with this bug.

      This started happening in, didn't happen in previous beta.

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