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Raid mobs are not transferred to a new village


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      In beta, raid mobs spawning inside another village are not claimed by that village.

      Steps to reproduce
      Step 1: Launch Raid test beta.mcworld
      Step 2: Press the button above the command block (give bad omen)
      Step 3: Wait until the raid bar filled up

      Expected result
      Pillagers are taken by the other village and thus the next wave in the raid starts as the village "lost" the pillagers

      Observed result
      The pillagers will spawn, but the village at the top will not claim the pillagers and thus the raid will start the next wave

      In this video of Pillagers not taken in beta.mp4 you can see the pillagers spawn but the raid does not start the next wave

      But in, this does happen as you can see in this video: Pillagers are taken to other village in beta.mp4

      Further explanation
      This mechanic is also applied to other "dwellers" (inhabitants) of a village. When a villager gets in another village, that village will "claim" the villager.

      This also applies to iron golems, when an iron golem walks to another village, that village will "claim" the iron golem as its dweller.

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