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Coloured text on signs is less saturated on the latest versions


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      I don't usually write coloured text signs, so I'm not sure how long this bug has been in the game.

      I was writing coloured text on signs on 1.18.2 and I noticed that the text seemed duller than what was showing when I was the signs. To check, I went to a world that was made before 1.18 (The world was created in 2019, update 1.10) and the signs were in full saturation. The white text was grey, not white. It's also the same with all the other colours like '┬ža' is meant to be bright lime green, but on the sign, it was a dark green. The /title and Minecraft chat show the text in full saturation, so it's just the sign that has this problem. This is an issue on all platforms.

      I know, I have texture packs on this world, but that doesn't affect it. I tried this on a fresh new world and this bug is still apparent.


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