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Sometimes the player randomly drops an item out of the hotbar



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      Steps to Reproduce (touch controls):

      1. Tap and hold on any inventory hotbar slot with an item
      2. While holding on the hotbar slot, hold anywhere on the screen as well, and then release the hotbar slot and keep your other finger on the screen
      3. While still holding on the screen, walk towards the dropped item and pick it up

      Observed Results:
      The item is dropped again. This keeps happening until you stop holding on the screen

      Expected Results:
      The item should stay in the hotbar because the hotbar slot is not being held on anymore.

      Sometimes for no reason things pop out of your hotbar and drop to the ground. I've had it happen to me, but I don't know of a way to reproduce it at will.

      original report:
      some veses when I'm playing iten which is the first small square , it is dropped alone




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